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Terra Madre Salone del...


Buon Natale e Felice...

Tutti insieme vi auguriamo un sereno Natale con i vostri cari,Vi auguriamo un buon 2016 ricco in salute e amore. Il nostro sarà di sicuro stupendo perché avremo l’immensa...


Artigiano in fiera 2015

Abbiamo il piacere di informarla della nostra presenza a l'artigiano in fiera dal 5 al 13 Dicembre 2015 Padiglione 2 della Camera di commercio di Siracusa- stand 233 E’...


Campagna Olearia 2015 -...

Con queste foto vi annunciamo che nei primi di Ottobre avrà inizio la raccolta delle olive. Quest'anno abbiamo scelto come slogan: Dai diamanti non nasce niente, dal...


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Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2016

Azienda Marino a Terra Madre Salone del Gusto




2004 - 2014

10 YEARS OF US ...



10 years have passed since the birth of our small company, I was about a twenty-year old guy with so much wish to do and a great passion for the countryside.

After 10 years nothing has changed indeed, the enthusiasm for this work has increased.

I started coyly with the help of my parents and along the way I had the good fortune to have by my side Katia, my young sister and also the little genius of the family, with her everything has become easier. My luck did not end here because also came Loredana (my wife), Salvatore (my brother in law) and my beautiful niece Francesca (the future manager of the company).

We are a good team and everyone does one’s own part for the company so that it can go ahead and we can realize our dreams.

We made a video where we describe you our first 10 years. It is one way to tell you about us and our history trying not to bore you. It 'a small gift from us to you, our clients and friends.

We wish you a good view and we thank you, because without you we would not have reason to be there.

Thank you

Maurizio e Lory

Antonio e Pina

Salvo, Katia e Francesca

 -   -   -   -



At home with our family we have always grown and consumed "Principe", the extra virgin olive oil produced from olives of our trees. Sure to own a great product we wondered: why not to share with other people part of our treasure?

From this consideration and from Maurizio’s desire to live in his own land and to create in his small village an activity that combines his passion with work, was born in 2004 ‘Azienda Agricola Marino’.

In a market where there is plenty of quantity, the Farm Marino enters with only one goal:

To produce and sell only extra virgin Olive Oil of Excellent Quality.

This is possible thanks to the sum of several factors: the mild and sunny climate of Sicily, the calcareous land, the superb Cultivar "Tonda Iblea", the desire to do good and the great respect for the land.




Slow and healthy wins the race!

The olive tree needs its time to bear fruit.
needs its time to ripen its fruits.
The Turtle
it has its times ... this adorable creature is not in a hurry,
but always reaches its goal!!!

For this reason we have chosen it as mascot!!!