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Buone Feste 2016

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Opening a bottle of our oil Principe, you instinctivly inhale

with closed eyes and you stuff yourself with the fragrance that it unleashes.


Principe is the result of so much love and passion, a collection of human and natural synergies.


The olive tree is a plant by centuries rooted in our territory. To grow, make fruits and give us a fantastic product it requires several processes. Good land, the climate, the Sun and water are offered by nature.

We add:
-milling, which activates the respiration of the roots;
-fertilizing, that brings nutrients;
-pruning, which allows us to remove old and dry branches to renew the plant and promote the development of fruiting branches.

All of our processes and climatic conditions let the plant give its best fruits that we carefully collect and we press during the same day.

The oil is the final result that we keep in stainless steel silos in the farm laboratory.


After an appropriate period of natural decanting, the Oil is bottled and sold in bottles of 0,50 l and 5 l cans.

On requests for special needs of our customers it can be presented in different formats.



It tells about our territory,

our culture,

the good Mediterranean diet.

Every drop of oil
is valuable for health,

a delight for the palate

a pleasure for the senses.